Fugax is a supporting character in the film. He is a little full of himself, especially when trying to impress his girlfriend, Kreela. However, he has a strong heart. He was willing to defend his ant colony by stopping Stan Beals from destroying his colony.


Fugax has a way of fooling everyone to think he is tough, brave, and a "scout". He is a little full of himself, but he has a loyal heart. He is kind hearted and overexaggerates situations a bit, but he means well in the end. He is also very flirtatious, especially with his love interest, Kreela.


Fugax is a strong ant with six legs. He has a squarish head and large mandibles. He also has a muscular chest.



Kreela - Girlfriend.

Lucas Nickle - Best Friend and ally.

Hova - Good Friend and ally.

Zoc - Friend and ally.


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