Fugax is a minor character in this film. He is a little full of himself, especially when trying to impress his wife Kreela. However, he has a strong heart. He was willing to defend his Ant-people by stopping Stan Beals from destroying his hive.


Fugax has a way of fooling everyone to think he is tough, brave, and a "scout". He is a little full of himself, but he has a loyal heart. He is kind hearted and overexaggerates situations a bit, but he means well in the end. He is also very flirtatious with his love interest, Kreela.


Fugax is a strong ant with six legs. He has a squarish head and large mandibles. He also has a muscular chest.


  • "While foragers, such as you just walk around and pick up sticks."
  • "Did I call on you? Who invited Captain Party Pooper?" (To Lucas)


Kreela, Hova, Lucas Nickle, honeydew, Sweet Rocks, Battles, The Ant Mother, Scouts


Kreela's sweet talk, failure, peas, Croaker the Frog, broken his legs

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