Hova in ant bully by joseph11stanton-d64g63f

Hova is one of the secondary protagonists to this film. She takes an immediate liking to the Ant Bully, much to her boyfriend, Zoc's dismay. She teaches him how to be a real ant.


Hova is a kindhearted, witty ant. She loves her dating boyfriend Zoc, but also knows when to keep him in check. She is very accepting and forgiving, especially when she decides to mentor The Destroyer. She is very influential and leaves a good impression on Lucas. She stays by Lucas' side no matter what. She is also protective of the ones she loves and considers Lucas her pupa while he stayed in the ant colony. And her good friend, Kreela.


Hova is a beautiful female ant. She has a ovalish head with no mandibles being she is female and has a very thin body.


  • "Listen to yourself, Zoc. A wizard know no such word. So, what are do now?"
  • "Cross my heart, I will not eat you."
  • (Quietly) "He's male." (To Kreela)
  • "You're hurt. Zoc, do you have any yucca sap? Lucas has a burn. Poor baby."


Lucas Nickle (Best) , Zoc (Boyfriend), Kreela (Best Friend), Fugax, honeydew, smokes effects, 2000 births baby pupas, The Ant Mother


Zoc's insult by Lucas, failure, Croaker the Frog

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