First Met: The Ant Bully

Status: Close Friends, Former Frenemies, Allies; Bond that of Mother-and-Son, She mentored him and saw the good in him, They saved each others' lives, Fought together to save the colony.

This is the relationship between the ant Hova and the human Lucas Nickle. Hova met him first when she tried to communicate with him when he was trying to destroy the ant colony. He almost crushed Zoc and her before his mother called him in. When Zoc shrunk him, Hova chose to mentor him, much to his dismay. He was stubborn and ignorant of her ways at first, but she helped him learn that working together is better than rolling alone in life. They parted on good terms, even after she learned that he called The Exterminator to destroy their colony. They fought side by side until peace finally came to the ant colony.