Kreela is a minor character in this film. She has an upbeat personality, but is very hesitant to interact with Lucas Nickle in the beginning. She also has a husband named Fugax, and vice versa. She ends up helping her Ant society defeat The Exterminator, a man who intended on destroying her hive. She is last seen saying "good-bye" to Lucas before he grows back into a normal-sized human.


Kreela has a tough, no nonsense personality around her ant pupa-students. She is very grounded, but becomes soft whenever someone she cares about is hurt. She is a caring ant overall and has a soft spot for Fugax. In the end, she softens up a bit and began a romantic relationship with Fugax.


Kreela is a pretty, toughly built female ant. She has no mandibles like a male ant would and has a long face. She is also very tall and has large lips for a female ant.


"Fugax, meet the Destroyer."


Hova (Best Friend), Fugax (Husband), Lucas Nickle, honeydew, The Ant Mother, Red Sweet rocks, Foragers


Fugax's trouble him, failure, Croaker the Frog

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