Lucas Nickle in TAB

Lucas Nickle is the main protagonist of the film. He is a young kid who is different from his neighborhood kids and doesn't like to be bullied by them. As a result of being bullied, he bullied the ant nest on his property, until a certain ant named, Zoc shrunk him to teach him a valuable and a life changing lesson.


Lucas was originally stubborn, childish and bratty. This behavior was a result of being bullied by the neighborhood kids. He didn't respect his parents and had little regard for his sister. He did however care for his "Momma" (His ditsy grandmother). He took his anger out on constantly destroying the colony of ants that settled on his property. After being shrunk to the ant of an ant by Zoc, he is forced to learn the ways of ants. After Hova taught him to work with others on a team, Lucas fought side by side with the ants and developed into a kindhearted young kid, losing his selfish ways. In return, he gained new friends, both human and ant friends as a result of this. And also the ant name is "Rokai the Ant."


Age 10, soon 11 years old , slender, brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin, face with freckles


"My name's Lucas, not Peanut. Lucas." (To Hova)


Hova (Best friend) , Zoc, Kreela, Fugax, Ants, Family, bullies


Ants (formerly), failure, Zoc (formerly)

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