Stan, better known as the Exterminator, is the main antagonist of this film. Lucas calls him to destroy the ant hive that is thriving on his property, but has second thoughts about it once he interacts with the Ant-People. Stan tried to destroy the hive with his equipment, but the ants and Lucas stopped him. There is a problem with parsing the infobox


Stan has a conniving personality. He is greedy and a sadistic Exterminator. He smokes heavily and is rude to others while smoking and talking to other people as well. He also is very murderous being he tried to destroy the hive of ants Lucas had asked him to do.


Stan is a slob with no regard for his personal hygiene and is very dirty. So dirty that flies fly around his stinky body and clothes. He also has a scruffy face, greasy-looking dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He also dresses in a cruddy red Exterminator suit.