Tiffany is the careless 15 year old older sister to Lucas Nickle. She is frequently insulting or criticizing her brother.


Throughout the movie, Tiffany is seen to be an independent, somewhat anti-social young teen. She is found either on the phone, or listening to music. She isn't very fond of her brother and criticizes him for staying in his room and playing video games through much of the movie. She is also athletic and mellow to be around.


She always is shown wearing crop tops that don't fit and exposes to her pierced belly button, sandals with different shades of nail polish, first red then a light orange color, and she wears purple pants and 3/4 jeans.



Tiffany and Lucas aren't very close. Tiffany constantly treats him poorly and practically ignores him for most of the movie. Ironically, Tiffany is an independent and a lone-wolf type of girl and yet, claims Lucas to be anti-social by sitting in his bedroom playing video games.