Zoc is a wizard to his Ant-people and Hova's boyfriend. He wanted to provide a solution to the Ant Bully war. He made a potion to shrink Lucas and teach him a lesson. He ends up learning from Lucas and becoming unlikely friends with the former bully. Zoc helps Lucas to also stop the exterminator from destroying the ant hive.


Zoc originally had a strong hatred for the humans, especially towards Lucas. He did however care for his colony. He is a very wise wizard and doesn't believe in the word "impossible". He originally was ignorant towards the human race, but he learned of the goodness in their hearts by seeing how Lucas became a part of the colony. He also earned an unlikely friend in the end.


Zoc is a strong ant wizard, capable of handling himself in a fight. He has a long head with medium-sized mandibles.


  • "Praise the Destroyer. Wake up! He save himself."
  • "Clacktiel!"
  • "Praise the Mother!"


Hova (Girlfriend), Lucas Nickle, The Ant Mother, Wizards, Spindle (Pet)


Lucas Nickle (formerly), failure, Hova telling the truth, Croaker the Frog

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