First Met: In The Ant Bully

Status: Former Enemies and former Rivals, Good Friends; Zoc hated him but later grew to like him, Lucas proved to him that some humans have goodness in them.

This is the relationship between the ant wizard Zoc and the human Lucas Nickle. Zoc was determined to end The Destroyer's (Lucas) havoc on the ant colony and he sought out a plan to stop him, through the use of his specialty: Magic. Zoc made a potion, shrunk him down to ant size, and made it possible for him to have a trial of what to do with the human. Zoc wanted him to be eaten, but The Queen Ant decided to let the Destroyer walk among them to learn the ants' ways. Zoc grew more stubborn and didn't except him, until they had an honest talk the night before the Exterminator came to end the ant colony. Zoc and Lucas worked together to stop the Exterminator and the ants were victorious in the end. By the end of the movie, both Zoc and Lucas gained a new friend. Zoc finally excepted him as a part of the colony by the end of the movie as well.